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The Top 10 Reasons a Health Coach Should Learn
Motivational Interviewing

If you do not know already, Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based approach that was founded in the early 80 s by Dr. Bill Miller, a psychologist working with problem drinkers. Since that time, MI has grown in popularity as more and more helping professionals utilize the approach (as opposed to treatment as usual) and find that they feel much more prepared for working with their clients on behavior change issues.

I have found the skills and spirit of MI to be extremely helpful and useful in eliciting change talk and action from clients.
Heather Marzan
San Diego, CA

In addition to her years of expertise using MI in clinical practice, what I appreciate most about the 2-day Intensive is Katie's passionate and methodical teaching style and the ample time she gives for practice sessions. I highly recommend her workshops!
Melinda Huffman

Very professional, clear, good explanations, demonstrations and use of MI as part of her presentation immediately enhanced learning in a comfortable way. I welcomed her critique knowing she had my best interest at heart.
Ruthann Roberts
Franklin, TN

Excellent! Open to monitoring where the group was at in terms of activities, etc.
Mary Kaye Polak
Murfreesboro, TN

I see the value of empowering people. I am excited to put this (MI) into practice and see lives changed.
Madalene Stonier
San Diego, CA

Overall MI has been a life changing experience and has taught me a new way to successfully communicate.
Cara Palombi
San Diego, CA

I can utilize the methods of MI in many settings, which makes things/situations feel manageable. I am able to empathize with clients and really help them help themselves.
My Dung Nguyen
San Diego, CA

Katie was relatable and provided information in a way that was easy to understand and absorb. She included everyone and sought our knowledge from our own experiences.
Allison Carson
Jackson, TN

Learning about Motivational Interviewing has given me a new found respect for a client's ability to make their own choices. MI is a constant reminder of the amazing potential of every client I will meet.
Lindsey Bittman
San Diego, CA

I really enjoyed Katie s openness and support. She really embodied the spirit of MI throughout the training.
Liz Epperson
Nicholasville, KY

MI offers an avenue for engagement. If kids are able to express themselves more and are actually motivated to speak more, then, finally, progress can be made, hearts can be changed- lives can be changed.
David Armstrong
San Diego, CA

Client Testimonials
Therapist, social works and psycologist attending the Motivational Interviewing 2-Day Intensive training offered by MI Training Today.

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