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Agency Trainings

MI Training Today offers in-house agency trainings. Our trainings are distinguished by the Motivational Interviewing spirit and skills used for the facilitation of our trainings, giving participants a chance to witness Motivational Interviewing in action, and creating a supportive, engaging learning environment. The primary benefit of MI Training Today trainings is that participants walk away with access to Motivational Interviewing skills that they can use to immediately enhance their work with clients - ultimately providing a new platform for them, from which they will work more effectively and efficiently with clients long term.

FREE 1 Hour MI Overview

MI Training Today offers a FREE 1 Hour overview of Motivational Interviewing entitled Motivational Interviewing: What is All the Buzz About? Contact us today and set up a presentation for a staff meeting, brown bag lunch, etc.

MI Training Request Form
Number of Participants:
Length of Training
What led to your interest in MI?
Who will attend this training (positions, education level, etc.)?
What are your goals for this training?
Best Method & Time to Reach You:
Small Budget-BIG Training
Agency Deal Annual Subscription Fees:
  • $1,200 - 5 Training Seats (over $600 savings)
  • $2,300 - 10 Training Seats (nearly $1,500 savings)
  • $3,400 - 15 Training Seats (over $2,000 savings)
  • $5,000 - Unlimited Trainings (Huge Savings!)
*Agencies may send up to 5 individuals to the same training

(see Membership Terms for all of the details)

How does the Small Budget-BIG Training Agency Deal work?

Your agency signs up and gets anywhere from 5 Training Seats to Unlimited Trainings for a year! So, no more headaches about where training dollars are going to come from, if you have incoming or outgoing staff- all of that and a huge cost savings too!